Access to GPIO externally

I can see there is a 40 pin 0.5mm FPC connecter for the GPIO pins. I’m trying to find a way to give me external access to these pins.

I hope there will be a cover or breakaway expansion place on the back or bottom so I don’t have to make my own hole. :relieved: It would be a shame to ruin such a lovely case.

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Yeah that’s a good idea. Like I don’t have the tools or the skills to do something like this. But I think it might be open because it’s a DIY device to learn about tech and whatnot, so we might get access to the GPIO pins. But i’m not sure about it.

That’s right @omission229 and the availability of a fpc-40p 0.5 to dip breakout is not common and most online would require some fine hand soldering skills on either both FPC and or dip.

It’s not a huge deal. One could argue the DevTerm should be used to simply SSH/VNC into a Pi(like device) and use the secondary devices GPIO headers.

It’s just a quality of life feature to include a space on the case to add GPIO dip expansion.


Hmm. yeah actually. But it would be a nice thing to have.


Considering the original gameshell has the alternative back with the GPIO slot, light key mounts and Lego brick interface, I’m “hoping” they would have alternate covers with both provisions for expansion, and a clean cut look.

Re: the fans, an intake and and output a lot must exist somewhere for proper air flow. It’s hard to see where it is on the devterm. Perhaps this is just an early render with less detail for certain things such as this.

The printer, while cool, isn’t something you would want permanently attached. If a GPIO is more your thing, I’d bet that making an alternate breakout board would be possible; mounted on the expansion port’s slot.


Personally I love the thermal printer add on, It’s why I pre-ordered the DevTerm. I think notes on paper can be beautiful, natural and very human. I would even be tempted to buy a second label holder. You know for the times you need fridge note vs label stickers. I would rather have less fiddling with cartridges.

I trust the ClockworkPi team to do an amazing job where ever the GPIO will go.


Purchased for reasons…
works in both directions. states it may be used to extend gpio via fpc.

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