GameShell Clamshell Design Coming?

I realize that you just finished announcing the new DevTerm product (which looks awesome), but I was wondering if there’s any news regarding a clamshell design for the GameShell? The only company that actually produces a clamshell handheld is GPD, and they are too expensive and the design sucks. I would love to see a Clockwork Pi work on a clamshell design, so any information would be helpful.

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Exactly Joel, paying and not getting good sucks. Reason even am waiting for Clockwork Pi to work soon on this.

Not sure where @joelandsonja is talking about paying and not getting something, but whatever.

But for the original question, CPi is currently full steam on the DevTerm, and it should be followed by an update on the GameShell (even it may just end in being a restock)

But if there is enough demand, they may consider?

Introducing a clamshell design would inevitably mean that the gameshell would need to be 3 modules tall plus the added girth of two facing inner edges, and a hinge design. This is way too fat to be practical.

Unless they somehow integrate both the battery and keyboard into a 1.5 stack module sized casing, and made the lcd unit slimmer, I’m not seeing this happening.

They would need to pretty much redesign a completely different inner module chassis, thus segmenting the community further, while potentially introducing user installation errors and wear and tear on the lcd ribbon to mainboard.

The end result would be a lot of R&D hours that I would much prefer to see go towards using the devterm A04/A06 module with the gameshell. The fact that the rear of the gameshell’s chassis has a cutout to allow a greater protrusion certainly hints towards future upgrades.

There was also talk of possibly upgrading the gameshell’s screen. Last year just kinda happenned. I’m happy that we’ve got the devterm rolling. Frankly, I think they did the right thing re; generating revenue with the devterm, judging by how many people are buying a devterm who weren’t originally gameshell owners.

Coming back to the topic at hand, sure it’s not outside the realms of possibility. But given the form factor of the devterm and Gameshell being similar, I would assume that they are going to stick with a trademark style across their range. It’s one of the most touted features of the gameshell; Looks. I just don’t see the clamshell being something that people would buy.

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The clamshell design might not be entirely impossible.

Given that their first device is a handheld gaming console, the second a tablet computer, I’d say there’s a chance they’ll make a laptop computer as the next flagship product. In that way you’ll get a foldable device.

But a small console like Nintendo DS requires too much work for now. For me, I’d like to see a bigger screen on GameShell. The current 2.7" is hard for the eye.


i actually hate hinges on computers of any kind. it’s just another point of failure and a big one at that. I mean, i get it. i see where yall are coming from… Whatever else I wanted, I’d likely design myself…

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I’d definitely be interested in buying an updated Gameshell with better hardware (not that the current hardware is bad, but it could use a refresh!) A physically larger (and higher res) screen would be nice as well.

But if there was an option to buy a clamshell device with the current hardware specs (assuming that was even possible), I’d almost certainly pass.

The current form factor is quite nice. I got a cheap, generic Nintendo DS (or 3DS, I forget?) case that ended up being a perfect fit. Rather than make the device more fragile, I’d rather just put it in something to protect the screen.


So true, Can’t agree more!