Android on uConsole?

Has anyone ran Android on their DevTerm? I’m interested in running Android on a uConsole, especially since it has 4G.

I think we can search if there is a stable android system available for the raspberrypi.

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explain the advantage of Android on uConsole? the open source community is an advantage to linux - does that exist for Android - I have Android studio but it is a steep learning curve. Still learning C and Node.js If you are an Android developer I could see the attraction.

If you wanted to use applications that aren’t available on Armbian, being able to boot into Android could be useful. Or Windows on ARM, which also runs on a Raspberry CM4.

I’d imagine it could be done, but it might require tinkering with drivers to get the display, 4G and wifi working.

with extra microSD cards you can have several flavors!

Have you all tried Waydroid? Run android in a container on Linux:

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