uConsole using WoR (Windows on Raspberry)

Hey, im a going to be owner of a uConsole cm4 (waiting for it to be delivered) and was wondering if anyone who has one tried getting windows on it, theres a github as well as a website with all the info which ill be linking on here. If anyone has or wants to try could you possibly let me know how it went, have been trying to look into it working on cm4 (only real working evidence on pi4/400) and all i have found is it not working well on cm4 with built in storage, not the cm4 lite. Apparently its pretty easy to sort out now with the application being on piapps (more details on second github page) and there are a couple of videos on youtube on the whole installation if needed.

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P.S. this is what brought me to WoR, its a guy using a pi4 as a portable dj station running windows (thought you all might like this)

Iā€™m definitely giving WoR a try once I receive my unit too! seems like a very interesting thing to do with the uConsole.

Its pretty cool but there are limitations, from what ive heard there isnt any access to the wifi chip as well as other features (windows being restrictive and possesive) but there are work arounds to all of these issues apparently ie tethering internet with your phone and connecting it through usb to the pi or just an ethenet. Theres a guy who has a playlist of videos of him trying loads of different stuff with WoR (all on pi4 and lower, no cm4) and also has tips and work arounds with it. But with the dj he managed to get everything working nice and smoothly after taking all the windows bloat off and changing the specs around a little.

Fyi this is a link to the whole playlist not just one video