Anybody interested in buying an A06 4GB (Europe)?

Would anybody be interested in buying a DevTerm A06 4GB (Transparent Grey) model in Europe / EU?

I must say I’m a bit disenchanted by the device after using it for a bit, and I can’t really come up with a good use for it. So it would most probably end up just laying around and taking up space. So I’d like to find it a better home.

Unit is good as new, no modding or anything done. Printer is unused/untested. Everything else works fine. Assembled, but I will have to disassemble it to fit it back in the box, so you will even get the experience of assembling it. Comes in original Clockwork box and packaging.

I paid €367 in total incl. tax & customs. Looking for €300 plus shipping, EU only to avoid any customs issues. Send me a private message if interested.

I put my DevTerm on eBay for anyone interested:

DevTerm A06-4GB

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