ArduBoy emulator

thanks to the @Lix’s topic “Arduboy Games on the GameShell”,
i have created a fork and added some tweaks for GameSH>,
and also instruction on how to install emulator for easy use.

so, just follow “How to install” section in README on the repo, and have fun.

NOTE: not every game will work on emulator.


Hi @ITCactus.

Thanks for you guide on github! I got as far as the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install build-essential libelf-dev libsdl2-dev freeglut3-dev

However, I run into the following error:

ERROR: This version of the GNU libc requires kernel version 3.2 or later. Please upgrade your kernel before installing glibc.


My CPi is more or less at factory state in terms of software, so pardon if this error is standard and trivial.


hello @RaphaelTetreault,
i tested the guide on both clockwork OS v 0.3, and the latest one - 0.4.
i don’t remember if i had this error… perhaps i just ignored it and forget, because the clockwork OS v0.3 has a kernel 4.2, and clockwork OS v0.4 has a kernel 5.2.
so, in any case, you may just simply ignore the message about error.

Hi @ITCactus,

Thanks! Ignoring the error lets me proceed. I have built the binaries (in /home/cpi/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy), using lima for the GPU driver switch, and have the menu /home/cpi/apps/Menu/22_ArduBoy in it’s place. However, when the application opens a game (I’m testing with Ardynia) the emulator closes immediately afterwards. I had the same issue with PICO-8, so my assumption is the built binary is not in the proper location or a config file has not been updated to point to it. Any thoughts?


try with some different games/apps.
i already mentioned, that “Ardynia” is not working with emulator

Recompile manually from scratch and make sure you installed the dependencies listed.

@ITCactus I’ve gone and tried out 6 different games: Arduventure, Ardynia, CastleBoy, Dark&Under, MetroCity and Starduino. None of these seem to work. As @Lix suggested, I recompiled the binaries again after setting dependencies (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install build-essential libelf-dev libsdl2-dev freeglut3-dev, cd ~/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/, and make) but no luck.

try this

maybe logs will contain smth. useful info

Thanks for all your help. It appears the application tries to change to an invalid directory and is denied opening the program.

/bin/sh: 1: cd: can't cd to /home/cpi/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/sim_arduboy
/bin/sh: 1: /home/cpi/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/sim_arduboy: Permission denied

I could fix the first command by making a new directory named sim_arduboy, but that inherently does not fix the second command as the binary has to be moved to do so. For reference, my binary was generated and located at /home/cpi/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/sim_arduboy


this is supposed to be an executable file, and NOT a folder/directory.
try next steps:

  1. try to delete sim_arduboy file in /home/cpi/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/ directory
  2. try to delete sim_arduboy directory (/home/cpi/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/sim_arduboy) if exists
  3. make a build again.
  4. restart your GameShell
  5. try to launch “ArduBoy emulator” again.

if it still not working, look at /tmp/x.log again.
if you still see the “Permission denied” error,
then, perhaps, you could try to grant executable permissions to the sim_arduboy:

  1. SSH to GameShell
  2. cd ~/games/ArduBoy/sim-arduboy/
  3. chmod +x sim_arduboy (or chmod +x ./sim_arduboy. can’t verify now).
  4. restart your GameShell
  5. try to launch “ArduBoy emulator” again.