Armbian 22.05 has been released!

Armbian 22.05


  • Thousands of hours have been invested to stabilize supported board images

  • Hundreds of Linux kernel and user space related bug fixes completed by the Armbian team

  • Added support for new boards

  • Established new Maintainers

What’s New:

Our first priority is to support and enhance the Community. To that goal, Armbian releases updates and bug fixes from our Contributors on a regular basis. We are excited to add support for the following new boards:

  • DevTerm A06

  • Orange Pi R1+ LTS

  • Radxa Rock 3A

  • Radxa Zero

And to announce new Maintainers and movement to supported status the following boards:


  • Radxa Rock Pi 4

A complete list of bug fixes and updates are linked below.

Community Call to Action:

As an Armbian Community member or user you know that we support many different single board computers, with each release requiring a significant investment of time, effort and money. While most Linux distributions can create a single build and then release their distribution, we must test our releases against many different hardware platforms which is much more time consuming and makes providing consistent stable images more challenging. We are able to develop new and updated releases due to the significant contribution of time from our Maintainers, developers and limited donations.

At present our funding and Community time contributions allows us to complete one medium sized project per year related to our tools such as the Build Framework or our configuration tool along with bug fixes, support for new boards, etc. Clearly this level of support, while appreciated, does not allow us to complete many of the outstanding issues or improvements needed or requested by the Community. Accordingly, we believe we are at an inflection point, where in order to move forward and address the Community’s needs, Armbian needs to transition to a new business model. One where growth will require us to acquire additional funding before we can address many of the larger issues.

How can you help?

Time: For those who want to contribute time, please consider becoming a board Maintainer of one of the many boards that Armbian supports.

Money: For those who can help monetarily, please consider making a donation.


This release represents the hard work of exceptional individuals who have contributed their time and expertise. Many thanks to (in alphabetical order):

150balbes, adeepn, AmadeusGhost, amazingfate, belegdol, catalinii, chbgdn, DJAlPee, EvilOlaf, heisath, hzyitc, iav, igorpecovnik, julianwhitehm, lanefu, littlecxm, Myron-S, ManoftheSea, neheb, NicoD, paolosabatino, peter279k, piter75, psztoch, RadxaYuntian, RichNeese, rpardini, schwar3kat, The-going, Tonymac32, theblackhole, TRS-80, umiddelb, yang

To see the full release changelog, please visit: Release Changelog

The full release can be read: here

Hello All,

As the DevTerm A06 board is newly supported by Armbian as of this release, our media team wanted to get an update out to the Community to make them aware of the new support for the board. If this is the wrong place for this announcement someone on the moderation team please reach out and we can find a better place for it. Otherwise, we will continue to update you here in this thread as new releases are put out in the future.

Have a great day!


any plan to support A04 board later?

Hello @intelliarm,

I do not know that Armbian was aware of or was provided the A04 yet, so at this time I can’t say that we have current plans for support.

That said, we would always welcome someone from this community who wants to be a maintainer to volunteer to help add it and maintain it who already has the hardware. However, until we have access to the hardware and have time available in a release cycle, it is hard to say when we will internally be able to directly support it.

Thanks for your interest in Armbian!

Have a great day!


Armbian 22.05.3

What’s New :

  • All board images have been rebuilt due to corruption found in certain images
  • Fixed Orange Pi 3 LTS bluetooth support
  • Added board images for Orange Pi 4 LTS
  • Upgraded bootloader to 22.04 for Rockchip family boards

How can you help?

Time : For those who want to contribute time, please consider becoming a board Maintainer of one of the many boards that Armbian supports.

Money : For those who can help monetarily, please consider making a donation.

To see the full release changelog, please visit : Release Changelog

The full release can be read: here

Nice, would there be any chance of a port for the R01?


I would like to ask how to start and control the fan of devterm A06 in the armian 22.05 system?

@Armbian, I too am interested in knowing if the R-01 is outside of the scope of the Armbian project (RISC-V != ARM). :smiley:

Do you have a link on how to get started if I wanted to support an SBC?