Audio DAC on uConsole


Are there any details on the DAC/Amp used on the uConsole (ie the ClockworkPi v3.14 revision 5)? I would like to do some portable audio development with this and was wondering about the quality.



I would be interested in knowing this too. I did have a look at the schematics in github, but it wasn’t clear to me.


Can you post a schematic link? All I could find was the gameshell schematics

Nvm, I think I found it. Looks like the amplifier is an AW8110

I think the dac is integrated with the CPU module, I’m still looking

Yeah, the dac is integrated with the CPU module. For instance, in the a06 the pwm peripheral is used. Probably not the most “Audiophile” solution, but it’ll get the job done. Hope this helps

You’re right that DAC is bound to the core module. A06 comes with a ES8388 though. R01 is probably using the built-in DAC, and I’m not sure which cores are using the PWM (but the circuitry is apparently there allowing both PWM and a DAC)

Ahh, I see, I missed that WAS4729 switch – thanks for the correction!

Ahh. Thank you. I should clarify, I went looking in the schematics for existing clockwork pi products hoping there might be some insights there.

I didn’t realise it is on the core module.

Check this out NAU8810 Datasheet(PDF) - Nuvoton Technology Corporation

This one?