Better New Year 2021

:fireworks: :confetti_ball: :fireworks: ! Better New Year 2021 ! :tada: :sparkler: :fireworks:

Well. I wished a happy 2020 last year and we all known where it ended, I fear I may have jinxed it… So for this year I will wish you for a Better New Year!

Also hope you all had good end of year holidays if you had any!

Hope you are all fine, and thing will go in the direction you want them for 2021 and that, on a global basis, thing will got back to normal in a reasonable time scale…


Sounds like you guys at least had a lot of time to come up with new clockwork products! At least from the point of view of the clockwork line, I’m sure that we are going to have a fantastic year!!

Happy new year to everyone from me too! Hope everyone stayed safe and had plenty of time to play with their gameshells! :slight_smile: