GameShell updates (April 16th, 2018)

Important GameShell Progress Updates (April 16th, 2018)

Dear GameShell backers and friends, thanks to all your supports, we are one more step closer to shipment, we have a number of important progress updates to be announced (some good news, some bad ones).

  1. Finishing touch improved:
    We were not satisfied with the finishing of our latest GameShell test production because of the Weld Line produced by the mold (See figure 1&2 below). Although most of the time it was almost invisible, we decide to add an additional coating process of the front shell to solve the weld line traces, and the result was significant improvement to the clarity of the screen printing and much better finishing touch feeling.



However, this costs us both extra time and money, and ALL responsibility belongs to the product manager.

  1. The shell colors confirmed:


  1. Lightkey optimized:
    We optimized the design of the Lightkey, making its control experience exactly the same to other common video game controllers.


  1. Assembly Guide:
    GameShell assembly guide is available for download now.

  2. PCB schematic:
    Clockworkpi mainboard schematics are also available under GPL2 license as promised. Please follow our ClockworkPi GitHub account for more codes and documents to be released.

  3. All PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) delivery date confirmed!
    We have confirmed with the supplier that the delivery period of all PCBAs (clockworkpi mainboard, screen, keypad, battery, speaker, lightkey) components is at the end of this month (End of April). We will then be able to start packaging and provide more product photos at that time.


  1. Product certification:
    We have submitted 3 kinds of certification: CE, FCC, and RoHS for our products, we expect to get the result on May 10th.

  2. Battery transportation safety certification:
    We have submitted the UN38.3 battery transportation safety certification and we expect to get the result on May 10th.

  3. Expected Delay:
    「待つ身が辛いかね。待たせる身が辛いかね。」- 太宰治
    “Was the person waiting more painful or the one making him wait more painful?” - Osamu Dazai

We feel very sorry to have to announce an expected delay to all our backers. We apologize.
Because of the aforementioned additional coating process and certifications, plus our underestimation of (too many) holidays impact to manufacturers, we were informed by the plastic injection molding factory that large-scale production is expected to be finished on May 15th.

So, according to the current progress, we expect to ship in late May.

This estimation is based on the latest information we can get from our manufacturing suppliers, should there be additional information that would either expedite (likely) or postpone (unlikely) the shipment, we would keep you updated.

May the force be with you!
Your clockwork team

P.S. All backers who have modified your address, please note that we will reconfirm with you by email before shipment.


Thanks for the update on KS and to took the time to copy it here :slight_smile:
Pleased to see that you value quality, I will be honest, you are not the only one, but on Chinese made Kickstarter this is not that common, so thanks all of the effort you put on it!


Agreed. Obviously no one is happy to see delays, but I’m happy that things seem to be coming along nicely!


It’s good to see and update of what’s going on and the progress of it. I come from a software development background and for me if there’s no delays or issues then we believe there’s something wrong or there’s something that’s been missed. The team have taken the time to fix issues they’ve come up with at their cost and time which is an excellent approach and shows commitment to making things work.

I want my GameShell yesterday as does everyone else but I’m happy to wait for a polished product that’s unlikely to have issues with it than one that’s been rushed and you become unhappy with because of niggly little things not to mention the prospect of having to return things or wait on replacements from China which can take a few weeks (I live in the UK) when you want to play :slight_smile:

I hope you keep us updated with your progress. Thanks for all the hard work @yong and the team!


@yong Given the delays and that the Github page is now available, is there any possibility that the Clockwork OS will be available to us before the expected shipment?


Thanks for the update, I’m super glad you’re giving us these honest updates. Because of the nature of the project, I am in no way upset about the delays (it’s crowdfunded, and it’s gaming, not something that keeps me from doing what I need to do). I’m happy that you are sinciere and upfront and I can’t wait to get it in my hands :slight_smile:


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We deeply appreciate everyone for your support and understanding. I will keep you posted about every progress made toward shipment.
@aewens Yes, we will make the Clockwork OS available before shipment.


Good to hear! I’ll be eagerly awaiting that announcement.

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@yong: do you plan to add schematics and PCB layout of all the other boards?
The LCD is probably generic, but the button one as it have it’s own micro controller it would probably needed if we want to play with the code in it.

Also that would be nice to have the reference part for all the connectors, so if needed we could make compatible parts or rebuild the cable that connect to part if broken!

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@Godzil, we will add more files to the GitHub repository soon, please stay tuned.
I will discuss with the team about your specific suggestion and get back to you later.


The answer is YES. They will be released soon.
Please follow our GitHub account for the files.


I’ve been on so many failed kickstarters/crowdfunded projects, so I really appreciate the openness we’re getting here. I don’t mind delays, but it’s nice to see actual updates with actual pictures.
Looking forward to getting mine :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your understanding and support. :handshake:

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Hi Yong, Any chance we can get a clip of a finished device maybe running a game, showing retroarch running etc?

Currently we have the video from this post:

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen that, was kinda hoping for a new video of an assembled game shell to hold us over until our units arrive.

Some new updates ?

I didn’t saw it this way when we were filling the survey, but the blue back is quite nice in fact


If I buy a second one I will go for the blue back.

New video playing games on GameShell.:man_mechanic:

Thanks Yong - really looking forward to getting mine!