Bricked Keyboard Fix

I did something dumb and flashed a bin to my keyboard and could no longer see the /dev/ttyACM0 device. If anyone else runs into this just remove your keyboard from the uConsole and plug it into the uConsole with microUSB. Get the command (./flash) ready to run (timing seems to be crucial like the cheap promicros they use for mech. keyboards) on the bottom of the board is an unpopulated section labeled “S1” bridge those contacts and a green light will blink. While the green light is blinking run the command. It took me about three tries to get it to work.


If you have another computer you can always ssh in and run the flash command that way.

Yes I am aware and that was tried. The flash command would fail as it could not find the proper device doesn’t matter if you did it over usb or ssh. You have to hold the “button” to throw it back into the mode where it will accept programming again.