Can I put the clockwork OS on a raspberry pi?

Hi there I’m just ccurious what it looks like, and how it works and there’s not really any detailed videos of it in action. can I use the resources in this link to flash the OS onto a a micro SD and boot my pi up to it? I’d like to take a look a t the environment early if that’s possible.

It is basically a Debian with a python frontend, you could just put and adapt the Launcher on your raspberry.


would I have to modify the python programs in the UI folder?

In the very least, likely edit the launcher configuration. I like to consider myself a power user and I only edit scripts if I want to change how some is run. Cosmetics and other basic stuff is usually in a config file and I don’t even usually wander beyond that.

Following the instructions, you may need to back port a bunch of packages, since they were deprecated in later releases. Even on the gameshell, I encountered a lot of problems when trying to install on an SID/Bullseye installation of Debian.

It was originally built on … stretch I think!? Or was if Jesse? Either way, an older OS. It’s working fine on Buster nowadays because there was the option to upgrade from a lower release.

But as long as you’re on an older Debian release, you should be able to follow the link @petrakis posted above.

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I’ve tested enough distros that could be considered flavors but are unique enough to the point where i would never feel safe performing a dist-upgrade at the risk of breaking half of everything. this is also the reason i “TEST.” if i want debian’s bleeding edge for armhf, i’ll use debian.on it’s own card.

I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time following. What instructions are you referring to, and what are the deprecated packages? The python dependencies? Are the instructions the contents of the file? Sorry, that’s a lot of questions.

I wrote a kind of guide on how to do it here. It may or may not work with current versions. It’s based on building up from scratch, so your mileage may vary.

The instructions should all just be there somewhere in the GitHub link. Otherwise it’s just repository cloning. As for the deprecated libraries, they were mainly the python okes, since that’s what the launcher used.

That’s cool @qqMajiKpp
I’m talking building up from the ground up here, so breaking things isn’t a big deal. If you don’t want to, you don’t have have to. I’m not sure what a power user exactly is, but I guess if you don’t want bleeding edge, you also don’t need to do that to. It’s entirely up to you.

Some people just need to have “bleeding edge”/SED/SID features to have certain functions such as graphic drivers etc to work. That’s how we got things working with Lima. Also, recently, I had to use a SED modification on a kernel compilation to fix the dreaded screen flicked problem lots of people have reported.

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when i say ‘power user’ i mean i like to break everything and then fix it up my way. making it my own, if you will. cant just touch everything. gotta leave my mark on it too.


I like and resonate strongly with this adage.
It’s how you work things out. If you start breaking things before you can walk, by the time you’re having your mid life crisis, you can afford more expensive things; and inevitably break them too! It’s the on way to learn. :wink:

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like edison… ive taken apart so many things that i have a process down to a tee, now. im not a big fan of brands and it is part hobby and part rebranding for me. When i was 3 i took my dads keys and put it in an outlet… i had to try it a second time just to be sure, like a true scientist… we are the ones who were called shamens in past lives.

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Believe it or not, normal people don’t frequently get electrocuted in their childhoods. It took me telling the story of it being a regular occurrence to my partner for her to tell me she’s amazed I’m not dead. We had a rice cooker that didn’t have a properly grounded/insulated cable that would constantly over boil, and drench the cable. We took turns on whose turn it was to get electrocuted each day of the week.

Ahem! Back on topic.

There’s nothing to fear with trying a different Linux distro. The worst case scenario is that you waste time. Heck, if you wanted, you can back up along the way. But again, that takes so much time in the moment. A stupid thing I was taught growing up; don’t check your work or back up along the way. Have pride in the knowledge that you’re doing if right the first time.

Turns out my dad was a huge sadist. Or was he a massochist? Why not both?

Ans again back on topic. I’m guessing the reason for putting clockwork OS on raspberry Pi is to just try it out. I’m not sure how it would run, but from what people have mentioned re: running it in qemu, there are some problems.

No doubt, a lot of the OS is to do with optimisations, and option shortcuts specific and pertaining to the gameshell’s hardware. Otherwise it’s just a scrolling interface that requires a fair bit of hands on tinkering to customise.

Something like emulationstation would probably be a better experience. You can install that on the gameshell incidentally. But with the current shortages of gameshell’s, I’m guessing here that this is a way of having a semi gameshell experience without having to have one on hand.


not for lack of trying, im just not good at dying… i was born dead…
all that aside… running something natively built for arcatecuire that is wholly different from what it is being emulated on… yer gonna have a few problems. lol. but thats also part of the fun, which is why we do it.

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This is exactly how I got started on Linux in the 95/96. I had notebooks full of handwritten notes on the various ways I broke stuff. And then gratuitous notes on how things were supposed to be done. Almost 30 years later, and I’m still sitting here googling constantly


Well that’s good to know. It just never ends then.

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Don’t sweat it, you keep learning and then at some point people are calling on you as the expert. Because most of the people you’ll end up working with are narrow focused on a specific subject. But when you know the os, and you can get your google-foo attuned, you’ve got it made.

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