Raspberry Pi compatibility


Hi, this might be a dumb question. I just bought my raspberry pi, and I am new to this. I liked your software so, I wish to know if the Clockwork OS can be installed in a raspberry pi 3b+ board.




No it is not compatible.

You can make the launcher to work, but the SD image is not compatible with a RaspberyPi.

And there are probably certains things that would need to be updated to support the rPi specific (i’m thinking mostly about Wifi, audio volume and screen brightness)

You can make some pre-compiled software to run on both, but the OS itself is not possible. They are not using the SoC and they are quite different on that point (one is a Broadcom chip with a VideoCore IV, the other is an AllWinner chip with a MALI GPU. The Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ use Cortex -A53 ARM core which is a 64bit ARM chip (even if they run only 32bit software on it) the ClockworkPi use a Cortex-A7 ARM core which is a 32bit only ARM core.