Raspberry Pi compatibility

Hi, this might be a dumb question. I just bought my raspberry pi, and I am new to this. I liked your software so, I wish to know if the Clockwork OS can be installed in a raspberry pi 3b+ board.



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No it is not compatible.

You can make the launcher to work, but the SD image is not compatible with a RaspberyPi.

And there are probably certains things that would need to be updated to support the rPi specific (iā€™m thinking mostly about Wifi, audio volume and screen brightness)

You can make some pre-compiled software to run on both, but the OS itself is not possible. They are not using the SoC and they are quite different on that point (one is a Broadcom chip with a VideoCore IV, the other is an AllWinner chip with a MALI GPU. The Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ use Cortex -A53 ARM core which is a 64bit ARM chip (even if they run only 32bit software on it) the ClockworkPi use a Cortex-A7 ARM core which is a 32bit only ARM core.