Can someone answer a few questions about the game shell?

So I have been thinking of picking up one of these, but how well does it work compared to similar options out there, are there any known deal breaking issues? like say overheating and such and what is it capable of playing? thanks in advance

I sometimes overheates but I can play PS1 games on it and the size is brilliant, not to big and not to small. The buttons are very comfortable to use for extended periods of time and the overall quality of the system is brilliant.

Edit: lol I sound like an advatisement

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How frequent would you say these overheating issues are? hmm up to ps1 that is what I wanted to know, wasn’t really planning on going any higher than that but if it is capable of better that is a bonus, the shipping costs are a bit high but I may go for it, thanks for the reply

Well the main board usually starts to heat up after about 15-20 minutes of gameplay but the way you hold the sysrem, you don’t feel the heat and my system has never shut off before even when playing spyro on the ps1 emulator

Alright thanks! perhaps I can build in a small heat sink if the space permits me to, I will wait a few days then make my decision

I’ve had the system on, plugged in doing 12+ hours of constant SSH file transfer and have done some pretty elaborate gaming marathons with Mario RPG (SNES) and FF7 (PSX).

Ill also play NyanCat endlessly while I smoke (legally in Ontario) and I haven’t encountered ONE overheating problem. It gets hit, yes… but has never overheated.


I have one more question, does it have a headphone jack?

Yes, there is a headphone jack.

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