Can't connect to free wifi

I can’t connect to free wifi. about half the time when i try it loads and then just disappears and the other half it give me a bad password error message. no problem with private wifi. if i go into info it says the ip is not connected

Well the problem is, if that most free WiFi need you to log on a webpage, I doubt that the GAmeShell have any facility for that :confused:

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Not all free WiFi’s need that. Make a hotspot on your phone instead. Or try another free WiFi.

Sure, but my phone hotspot have a password :sweat_smile: (don’t want other people to get access to it!) and it’s not free :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(I rephrase my original answer as it is “most” not all and you are right about that)

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Yeah if the free wifi (Like mcdonalds) has a captive portal you need to accept the EULA in order to access to the wifi.

i have my wifi split in half with a private network and a guest network i can only connect to the private one

there is no captive portal because it is my personal wifi. a phone hotspot would work good idea!