So am I to understand that I can't connect to a hidden wifi network?

Just got my Gameshell, first saw it when youtuber ETA Prime showed off his kickstarter version and I preordered mine as soon as they were available to the public.

I have a hidden wifi network and I’m not able to connect to it, even though the gameshell is showing my hidden network and I’ve entered my password, it looks like this is a known issue, but it’s basically stopping me from using my gameshell, I don’t know anything about linux but how could this be? why can’t we enter an ssid manually like any other wifi device, will this be fixed in a software update? solutions I’ve seen on this forum so far have been way over my head, very frustrating start to my gameshell experience. I realize the gameshell isn’t a typical user friendly device and the linux customizability is part of the draw, but I feel like I’m dead in the water already.

In my case I cannot view or connect to any wireless network at home apart from the iPhone hotspot, so when I need to download a core directly from retroarch or check for updates for the launcher, I connect to the Internet with the shared connection from my phone. It’s a bummer, but surprisingly enough it shows and connects to all wireless networks at my workplace.

You can also connect to it with the USB cable. Just plug in the USB cable to your PC with Windows, install this driver and ssh to This is what I usually do to transfer files directly to the device. Sometimes the connection drops when it’s connected for a long time or the device power offs automatically if you don’t touch it, so be aware if you transfer big chunks of data.

I got it to work with a hidden network by making the SSID visible and hiding it again after successful connection.

Connect through ssh and try this:

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Actually I found a more user friendly way. Connect through ssh with usb ethernet and use wicd-curses.