Cm3 in a uconsole?

ok bad idea time, I bought the uconsole lite so no cm4 BUT it was super cheap,
the main board is the same that released with the devterm so hardware wise the cm3 will work fine,
the big BUT is that the lcd is likely not going to work with the devterm image in the uconsole, so fine citizens of the internet, where do i start to get that lcd in the uconsole supported by the os image on the devterm so i can run my uconsole on a cm3 because you know CM4 is unobtanium …

I caved, I just bought one on ebay with 4 gigs of ram and a 16gb emmc, so maybe someone else will benefit from this thread

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I am not sure about the image etc, however you might be able to get an CM4 for MSRP using this tool here: I managed to get 2 this year. Hope that helps.

I have a DevTerm with a CM3 in it and the uConsole I ordered with a R-01 will be here Monday. Will likely switch the CM3 into the uConsole. Some say I just need to change the resolution of the screen. Guess we will see next week.


The main control board in the uConsole is significantly different. There are more parts in there. Even though I can get the CM3 to boot with external display, the USB port has no output power so the keyboard, internal or external won’t work.

They have not released the schematics for the uConsole so I am rather stuck.

I noticed this when I powered up the DevTerm without the processor board even in it and get 5V on the USB. When I power up the uConsole without a processor, the USB isn’t powered.

I doubt it, the rev 5 board of cpi3.14 implies pin compatibility

The CM4 in the adapter works in both and so does the R-01 and A06. The processor is compatible. What it doesn’t have is the device tree setup.

Files and schematics are not out there yet. I suspect setting up the display wouldn’t be that hard either. The keyboard and track ball are powered by the USB bus and that is still turned off without the device tree stuff.



They have now released the schematics. I looks like the CM3 should be able to work if an image is created for it. I currently have a CM4S that boots, but doesn’t have the drivers for the external WiFi. Hope to get to that in the next few days.

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good job! wait for CM3 image

Don’t think they are working on one. Guessing they will use the V5 main board in the DevTerm also so maybe???

The uConsole page specifically mentions the CM3 in the v5 board:

Pretty sure i read that CM3 is not officially supported by Clockwork Pi on the uConsole board. If the hardware is compatible then it will likely be up to someone in the community to do it and support it.

Maybe they intended to support it originally, but just because it’s on the website doesn’t mean it’s true.

Not saying it does, just seems a bit odd to specifically mention it for that specific revision on the uConsole page when they neither offer it as an option nor appear to support it (yet?).

Edit: it looks like I misinterpreted some functions of the pins. If analog audio works on devterm, then it should work on uConsole, and that means CM3 can work in a uConsole so long as someone creates a firmware image.

tldr, in the best situation, your speaker and 3.5mm jack may not work if you put a CM3 in your uConsole.

After comparing the pin headers, I think CM3 will likely to work in a uConsole, BUT analog audio will NOT work.

uConsole’s SODIMM connector utilizes some NC pins as audio outputs, switch, an additional USB port(OTG, act as peripheral) if available, and more. The switch is actually for on chip DACs in some of their core boards.

What will work may include: DSI display, HDMI, USB, WiFi&BT, SD card. Looks like everything will work.

As Mark found, CM3 will boot in the uConsole V5 mobo (i’m using the Oct 10 RasPiOS64bit image) and display over HDMI, but USB doesn’t seem to wake up. I’m now using the CM3 in the DevTerm V4 mobo with HDMI monitor and USB keyboard to try to work on device enablement. Don’t get your hopes up - I have no idea what I’m doing.

Your USB is not working because your OS lacks driver and device tree config for the on board PMU, so the on board USB hub is never powered(also LCD backlight). I guess you’ve already found my post in this forum. What you need to do is just compile and install a new kernel with the patches from my repository. Remember to apply the uconsole dt overlay.

yep, found that post and started following along - thanks for that. Got a bit hung up on the PKGBUILD stuff, switched tact to booting something on the CM3+. Got running the thing I wanted running (a game), only to find the CM3+ doesn’t really have enough oomph for it to be a fun experience - too sluggish. I may try the A04 tomorrow since it should be somewhat faster.