Help development for uConsole + RPi CM3

I’ve tried to put a RPi CM3 in the uConsole. I’ve made a few attempts but I couldn’t get the display and WiFi(the essentials I think) work. I’m writing to ask help from the community.

What I’ve done:

  • write device trees & overlays for mainline and downstream(RPi fork) kernels
  • port the patches to different kernels
  • test different kernels(mainline 6.1,6.5, downstream 5.10,5.15,6.1,6.5)
    • I haven’t try the kernel used by devterm cm3

I’ve successfully make all of the kernels I tested to boot on my device, with working PMU, USB, HDMI. Bluetooth chip is detected, and is likely to work with downstream, and more likely with mainline.

I’m sure I couldn’t make the following components work:

  • DSI panel: total black, and may flash once on initialization
    • on mainline: currently unable to get any debug info
    • on downstream: “transfer interrupt wait timeout”, cannot send any DCS command
  • WiFi: simply not detected with any kernel I’ve tried

I’m writing to ask help from the community, if anyone have made some progress or is familiar with the problems, as I’m not experienced and don’t have the necessary equipment to analyze it(at least for the moment).

BTW, the 4G/LTE modem will always be turned on when power on a uConsole with CM3 because of the default pulls on the pins.

You got further than I did. I have a DevTerm with the CM3 and picked up a uConsole with the R-01 in it. Original plan was to use the CM3 in the uConsole, but other than getting it to boot using the HDMI, I didn’t get far. I just ran out of time.

I also picked up a CM4S, it is a CM4 that plugs into a CM3 socket directly without an adapter. The issue here is you don’t get the WiFi or Bluetooth either. I got the WiFi with an external, but still don’t have the BT. I picked up a dual adapter with WiFi and BT, but that doesn’t seem to be supported. To many non-related things going on so it will all just wait. I do have the CM4 adapter in my hands and a CM4 on order. Will switch to that eventually.

Good news! LCD panel is now operational with current downstream 6.1.y kernel!


  • Fix WiFi
  • Optimize PMU driver

That is terrific. I would really like to use my CM3 in the uConsole.

WiFi and BT should be fixed now. I’m preparing the patches and tests.

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