Could we get a list of part numbers?

Could we get a list of part numbers for the more… consumable… parts on the uConsole? Things like key switches, mini-hdmi connector, model of the usb-c connector, that sort of thing? I plan on using this thing for… well… decades probably and I’d like to build up a repair kit.


bumping this thread.

at some point, i contacted alex with this question. the response was:


If there is any part needed to be replaced, I will send replacement.

uConsole has a 6-month warranty.

in theory, i think it would be possible to source more info from them

I think I might have found the trackball somewhere. Don’t want to say too much and have someone buy the wrong part before I verify it. I’ll post when it arrives and I can make sure its the right thing.

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EVQWJN007 - this is a better replacement feels and works better then the original.

Thats the one I found, glad to have confirmation

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Does that 6 months start when you order the uConsole?

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i’d hope not.

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Yeah, I’d already be out of warranty if so. Not really expecting a warranty with this kind of device TBH. I got it specifically to do things that would invalidate the warranty on normal devices, hence my desire for part numbers.

According to their website

Every ClockworkPi product have a 6-month warranty product.
Warranty period counting starts on the day of consumer receives the package. So please keep the receipt that contains the delivery date or any other prove.
If you don’t have any prove, we will count the warranty period as our shipping date +7 (normal shipping period).