Creating A06 OS image fails

So, I wanted to flash another card with an A06 OS I can mess around with without the risk of bricking the thing, and I thought I’d try to follow the instructions for creating the A06 OS image from Armbian as laid out in the Wiki here:

However, the instructions fail already on the “Build armbian image for A06”. Not only do the cp instructions not work due to the non-existing target directories (I can work around that…), but once I try to execute the script, it gives me some warnings because it “Can’t update since you made changes to…”, then comes up with a menu where I have to make all kinds of choices. I finally bailed out where I had to choose the “target board” which of course does not have DevTerm as an option, but half a dozen for Rockchip RK3399.

Could anyone please update these instructions some time? I’m no stranger to compiling stuff on Linux, but I don’t feel confident building a working image based on these instructions.

I just downloaded the disk image and used Balena Etcher and didn’t mess with compilation.

Yes, that’s what I did. However, it would be nice that these instructions work if they are there already, if anyone wants to better understand how the OS image is patched in particular. Instructions that are incomplete or out-of-date are not of much use.

Agree, I actually edited the wiki because it didn’t even have the right username and password for the a06 image.

if the
userpatches/kernel/rockchip64-current/ or userpatches/u-boot/u-boot-rockchip64-mainline/ does not existed

mkdir -p to create them

and for the missing board option
I just updated the wiki,add the cp board config line ,sorry for that


after the image created

dd into a sdcard then run it
armbian will give a dialog to chose to create users ,root password during the boot process

Cool, thanks!

So from the menu that comes up, in order to get the “reference” OS image I guess I then choose:

“Full OS image for flashing”
“Do not change the kernel configuration”
“Image with desktop environment”
“config_base” (no choice here)

…aaand then it terminates because apparently I cannot build the 21.04 image from a 20.04 system. Was not aware of that. Anyway, not a big issue since the image for download works fine too.