DevTerm - a few 3D printed parts and a strapmount

For the 3 guys of us that have a DevTerm, have or know someone with a 3D printer, and
want to somehow personalize their DevTerm:

I made a few parts for the devterm so you can either
a) remake parts you broke/lost or b) personalize your devterm.

To that i also added a strapmount; this strapmount is meant to guide the strap around the Devterm. Its not meant to directly mount the strap to them as i dont trust the casepart of the devterm were you close it to survive any signifcant dropforces.
Still, to minimize the risk of the strapmount breaking on the layer, it comes in two parts you have to print in different orientations and glue together. (there is one photo showing the two strapmounts, one with the inlay sticking out, the other with the inlay hammered in)

Cheerio and happy 3Dprinting!

I saw that i forgot to add pictures, as understandably not everyone wants to click
a link to wherever, but cant edit the original post, so a reply it is.

“Printables” is the part-hosting-part of Prusa, a czech company known for a handful of very good
consumer printers, and basically the better and more reliable thingiverse.