Official DevTerm Protective Cover

Hal’s just announced the DevTerm Protective Cover:

No word on whether it’ll be an official product available to purchase, but STL and STP files are available to download if anyone fancies printing one.


Nice! I’ll be printing one of these soon, and I’ll be sure to post pics.

printing RN will post pics when (if) done. big flat stuff is super hard to print on FDM correctly

I really hope they offer a purchase option, or better yet, perhaps even send these out to early adopters who were caught in the long delayed shipping of the devices.

If I had a 3D printer I’d definitely print one of these. I also still need to have one of those fan/airflow covers printed. Being able to purchase either or both of those would be welcome though.

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There are 3D printing services.

For one.

What kinds of issues do you have printing large flat things on FDM? If you are having warping issues, have you tried adjusting your build plate temperature/cooling and or tried printing with a brim?

Where are you located Michael? I may be able to ship something to you.

I threw the STL at DirtyPCB’s printing service: came back just shy of $100. Maybe not!

maybe easier to use transparent PVC plate than FDM.
or you’ll need expensive UV SLA

Thanks for the offer. I’m near Seattle, WA. It may not be necessary though – the DevTerm shop lists the protective cover for $5. I’m assuming even though the STL files are free, if I was to buy from the shop it would be $5? Of course, who knows when it would arrive via their shipping, but it may be the cheapest option. I’m not sure other printing services could do it for less, though I suppose it might arrive sooner.

I really wish there was an option for the fan cover too. I’d buy that as well!

No: there is no physical cover available to order. The shop always lists STL downloads at $5, then uses a discount code to make them free: the DevTerm body and GameSHell are listed at $5 too, and you won’t get anything shipped if you order those either.

Please don’t place an order for the cover at $5: all you’ll do is donate $5 to Clockwork Pi and receive the same free STL files as everyone else!

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Yes, the STL files are all free. It’s easy to miss but it says right on the page that you linked:

ClockworkPi DevTerm Protective Cover 3D Model files are released under GPL3.

For free download please enter this coupon code: DT

Here’s my printed Protective Cover! My brother teaches 3D modeling and printing to kids so he’s really good at it. Still need to clean the scaffolding off, but it doesn’t interfere functionally!

Printed here in glow in the dark PLA (I think?)

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Here I’ve finally cleaned up the scaffolding. In this case it was a horrible nightmare. But it worked out well for the rest of the print! :grin:

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I was able to print mine with no supports. The angles are well designed to be able to do the overhangs (at least on my printer) without sagging.

I thought that might be the case, but didn’t want to risk it. Also wanted to have the “experience” of cleaning up a print at least one time. (it was awful).

Do you have any pics to show it off? I’m pretty happy with mine over all! Once I got to the sanding part it wasn’t so bad.

I posted pics in the other thread on this topic. I’m really happy with mine too.

I was going to try and print mine–but it’s just a hair too big for my 3D Printer.

You can always cut it, then glue after printing, would not be as strong, but that’s a possibility.

Same cover, w/o the circular indents on top (messed up my first layers and ruined the finish) and no outside tabs.