Devterm-audio-patch package source?

Where is the source for the devterm-audio-patch package? I cannot see it on GitHub. There’s a reference to it in the apt repo under the ClockworkPi organisation, and it appears several times in the wiki, but there’s no obvious source repository.

I’ve made two local modifications, both minor:

  • change /etc/systemd/system/devterm-audio-patch.service to run python3 instead of python2. Python 2.x is obsolete and there’s no reason for it to be part of the running system here.
  • remove the redundant comment at the top of /usr/local/bin/ (referring to Raspberry Pi fan control!)

I’m not convinced that what it is doing is implemented “the right way” - it looks like it checks a GPIO pin every second to see if the 3.5mm headphone port has something connected and to disable the speaker if so, but polling every second is a bit ugly…

bump any ideas where the source lives? (ClockworkPi team?)

Also, I noticed that on the R01, the “wake up every second” approach adds a fair background CPU overhead, so it would be great to work out a way to respond to the headphones being inserted without having to constantly check. Is there an event-driven way we could do this?