Devterm core module availability


I managed to buy the hardware without a core module, but can’t seem to source a raspberry pi compute module. Does anyone have any tips on finding one? And are any of the more powerful processors available on the open market to buy and would they be interchangeable?

Well, in the spring the Raspberry Pi foundation said no CM3 modules would be available until Q1 or Q2 of 2022

They made a blog post last month saying they would be prioritizing CM3s but didn’t offer a timeframe.

That being said I signed up over the summer to be notified if they were in stock at Adafruit and got a notification in September or October that they had some and was able to order one. Not sure where they came from? Maybe they acquired some unused older stock somehow.

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the A04/A06 should be sold separately at some point. Can’t say when exactly though.

As for the CM3 and A04/A06, there is no other compatible module I’m aware of.

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I’ve seen pi4 computer module carrier boards that may be more available, seen here on You’d probably want to make sure the dimensions work, though.

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