Compute Module 4S

So Raspberry Pi Foundation seems to be making a new Compute Module 4S, (their topic about it).

I wonder if it’s possible to use it in DevTerm, considering it uses the same slot as CM3 now.

Also, what would be best for performance: A06 (RK3399 with 2xA72+4xA53), or this CM4 (BCM2711 with 4xA72)?

I’m not sure if we’ll get other cores available, but there’s a RK3588 with 4xA76+4xA55 on the market now too… will it be made into a DevTerm core?

It would likely be compatible because the controllers are the same, and only the CPU and RAM are upgraded.

There might be GPIO mismatches, but I didn’t find enough information to be certain. At least with CM4 in the geekworm adapter board that causes some problems, but lack of PCIE and wireless in CM4S might free up enough of the pins to make it workable