Did DevTerm get Certification like FCC ID?

I received DevTerm A06 a few days ago.

I completed to build DevTerm, but I couldn’t find the FCC ID related to DevTerm.
If DevTerm has some certifications, please tell all kinds of certifications and certification number.

(or I cannot use A06 module because of rules in my country, and I must buy RPi CM3 Lite+ module and replace from A06 module to RPi CM3 Lite+ module).

That’s a good point.

The A06 does not have any radio frequency part so no this is not a problem, it is more the CPI 3.14 that could be a problem. The WiFi module is on the main board, not the SoM, so CM3, or A06 it is the same on that point.

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Thank you for your advice,and I found the Wi-Fi chip and FCC ID.
The chip on CPi 3.14 is Cypress CYW43455, and FCC ID is S4LFF50.

Users in Japan can use in law by submitting a report to use to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

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