Displaying battery level in launcher

I modified the launcher to display battery level in percentages next to the time. Here’s a step by step instruction:

The only downside is that the battery level updates only when the screen updates, i.e. if move the selection, or plug in the charger. If you leave the device untouched, the level won’t update while idle (it’s just the way the Launcher is written).


Nice one! Maybe cronin’ a refresh every 5 Minutes?

(Until we fiddled the launcher to update on its own)

Yes! this is what I needed. Thank you!

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you mate and have a nice weekend! :hugs:

man, you are awesome!!!

I’m on the newest version.

I followed your instructions and on restart it was stuck on loading.

Thankfully, I was still able to ssh into it through filezilla (I also had it connected through usb, may have helped) and swapped it for the original.

If you’re on a newer firmware, beware and save the original files before you edit or overwrite them.

You could try BatMon It stays on top of emulators too :smiley:

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