Display Battery status

Hey guys,

is it somehow possible to show the current battery stat in retroarch?

In the old days (like with a game boy) we had a battery indicator to check the battery stat.

Nowadays i´m missing it a little bit since we have to save (again) at savepoints etc. :joy::joy:

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I’m also missing this. I know RetroArch supports showing this, it’s even marked as “ON” by default, but nothing shows up (on the GS).

What version of retroarch did you see that supported it? Just because its on one version doesnt mean its automatically on all of them. Especially since we are on like 1.7.0 which is at almost 8 months old.

I agree this would be a great feature.

According to this comment, it’s available since v1.4.0.

Read it a bit more carefully. That is a feature request to show battery levels for a connected controller.

We could take some inspiration from this:

But because the hardware is different it would take some work.

Oops! You’re 100% right.

But now I’m wondering, if I download the latest RetroArch on my mac, it does display the system battery on the top right corner. And if I go to, on the main menu of RetroArch to Information>System Information there’s a line that says Power Source: 100% and on the GS it says Power Source: N/A.

So in some way, the feature should be there? Maybe needs proper configuration?

Absolutely. Its more a matter of making the right connection between retroarch and the systems battery information. I’m sure it’s doable and might start looking at it if/when I get time.


Anyone figured this out yet? My battery died when not saved Pokemon for a while … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think without significant help from the Clockwork Pi team it’ll take time. It requires some significant new development.

It would be quite easy to make an overlay app that reads the battery stat on an interval and display it.

I´ve uploaded a video that tests overlaying (I tell the test overlay to run from ssh)

For the battery overlay, there should be an icon on menu to turn it on or something:

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Here is a preview on a battery widget:



it’s a very nice widget

https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon I uploaded it here.I am rewritting the code, changing the inheritance of the main class. I will add more information in the future.


Very nice!!! Tnx!!! :slight_smile:

Still some work is required.

EDIT:August 6, 2018
Rewrote the code and now I have a release candidate: [APP] Battery status on emulators

EDIT 2:2019-12-16T23:00:00Z Latest release:BatMon - Battery Status on emulators for Clockwork OS v0.3

Thank you so much!!!