Emulator confusion

I have a brand new GameShell - it’s all assembled and it boots and everything seems to work fine so far. I have some emulation questions, however.

There are four emulators listed under “Retro Games” - MAME, mGBA, Nestopia, and Pcsx. Then there’s RetroArch.

Are the emulators under “Retro Games” stand-alone emulators or links to RetroArch cores? I presume they’re standalone, as when I launch RetroArch, I get a “no cores” message.

Is there a benefit to using the standalone emulators versus RetroArch or vice versa?

How up-to-date is the info in the RetroArch Megathread? It seems to have originated some time ago and it seems that the author of that thread has recently ‘retired’ from the forums.

I’m fairly familiar with MAME, but have never used the other emulators or RetroArch. In MAME, it’s critical that you use the proper roms versions appropriate for the version of MAME you’re running. Is this true of the other emulators that come on the GameShell, and if so, is there a listing of the emulator versions and associated rom versions somewhere?

I can’t answer for the pros and cons of standalone vs retroarch but I can say that MAME and FBA works with some roms as you mentioned but its not the case for other platforms.

Hi !

Out of the box all the emulators are RetroArch’s cores.

The emulators under Retro Games are in fact some kind of shortcuts.

First you need to know how launcher works.

For instance in /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/Game BOY Color you will find an action.config file :

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L
TITLE=Game BOY Color

ROM_SO is the name of the executable or the core and LAUNCHER is the unix command you use to launche the app.

The reason why when you launch Retroarch it says “no core” is that by default Retroarch search the cores in /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/cores

And don’t worry with the roms, the versions are not crucial.

Thanks for this explanation, very helpful.