How do I make games appear?

So I have been searching through the different threads and followed multiple guides to no avail. The last guide I tried: How to install roms (the easy way) Seemed to be working for most of the people that tried it. I can upload games and everything and have tried them zip and unzipped but for some reason nothing appears in any of my rom folders. I have tried to load them through retroarch but nothing is working.

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Have you gone to retroarch and download all your emulators?

…how do i do that?

No worries I got you, on your gameshell go to retroarch, then to load core, then select download cores, then choose all the emulation cores that you want

So i downloaded some cores that looked like they would work but they all say some weird stuff like libertero and stuff. Is there a list of emulation cores that are default ones people run?

let’s say MGBA for example
upload GBA rom( extension is .gba) to MGBA folders on GS

then back to GS, Retro Games-> MGBA, Press X to scan, the game will show up

then press A to start, if there is no core for MGBA, launcher will tips that ,like setup engine

after downloading, press A again, then you will be able to run this gba game

for mame, you need to put mame working into MAME folders on GS to be the bios

then the same process as MGBA,downoad core, start game

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