[extension] 4 usb hub extension board


PCBs are ready!
Looking for someone in Berlin with uConsole to test these hubs. Pls DM me.


I’ll let you know if I get mine before you get yours. Located in Germany. I am using your PCB design to create a template. I want to create some Boards too. Thanks alot for your work so far :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for your help!


Any Idea how the GPIOs are assigned to the CM4? Are these the real GPIO names from the CM4? Need I2C and some PWM pins

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there is a post on this thread : How expandable is the GPIO pin set for CM4? What good accesories and connectors are out there?

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i’d be keen to test. in europe. got soldering iron heated and willing.

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Is there a way to maybe add a teensy 4.1 to the board to do some headless m8 stuff?


Add 3 ufl connectors to attach antennas. So they do not short anything in the board.


please DM me since I can’t yet, I’ll buy one of these from you when you order pcbs

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How can we connect? I dont see a DM option here?

You can press on the nickname above the message and there is a button “Message”

I am also interested in one of these. If there are completed test modules you are willing to sell and ship or have a way for me to order an already populated module I would be more than happy to assist with testing (USA, uConsole CM4).

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Fits perfectly, audio works! Going to solder components.


Great project! I want to test (and buy). I am located in Germany but as a new user my user level actually prevents from sending private messages. Please contact me.

I am also from Germany and interested in this neat board!

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I guess this means we also need a special 3D printed cover to match the USB ports?

Random question: Are the ports spaced as far apart as the design allows so that some USB cables with slightly bigger heads can fit side-by-side?

Hi @argz, love the project and love to buy! I’m in Holland, so right next door.

This is great! I will buy this from you (bin praktischerweise auch in Deutschland). Also, maybe I could commission you to create an extension with an SD card reader in it? A frequent use of my uConsole is dumping SD cards from my camera to an SSD.

Literally the most utilitarian EXT project i have seen. Unfortunately i got the 4g version in this case. But wow i may like one anyway!