First look of uconsole

Wait a minute, is it normal that your modem module has no components on it? :smiley:
I’m not sure about the listing anymore but I believe it is supposed to come pre-assembled; not everyone has access to SMD soldering equipment… :thinking:

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He didn t ordered the 4G/LTE option i guess. It needs a plate to make speakers connections. right?

I ordered Wi-Fi version,but 4g pcb is also for connection of two speakers,so include a blank pcb


I see, that’s good to know! :smiley:

can i ask you if the keyboard is a rubber thing, that’s not so confortable?

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you can update the os image

md5sum 9dbd07a50967f4015ad9c13795cd71c6

it has important kernel patches , some game emulators like retroarch.tic80. liko lowresNX

and here is the tips for 4G ext



That’s really interesting! I didn’t expect that there were going to be speakers in the non-4G version. Or a dummy modem card for connecting those speakers.

Hm. Maybe this opens up new opportunities for tinkering?


Very cool, thanks for these pictures!

My battery is the same as yours

It actually exists!? That’s fantastic! My apathy is quickly turing into excitement again. Can’t wait for mine to show up soon.
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:




Great unboxing! thanks for the pictures, it looks amazing!

Thanks for the photo’s @Liu_Yu ! Looks amazing.

Fantastic photos, excitement back to 110% (Up from 90%) Thanx again!

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! If you can share your first or second impressions (maybe even a video dare I ask?) That would make so many people even more happy :blush:
But this is already really nice thanks!

holy shit! nice! has anyone gotten shipment emails?

Nice thank you for the pics

Thanks for the pics :+1:t3::+1:t3: excited to get mine soon!


how did you connect the cm4 and the adapter ? i didn’t founded suitable screws

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