Uconsole pre order!

So! Who’s getting Uconsole?


Just ordered the CM4 version without the core as i have a 4gb core already hyped for this :slight_smile:


The CM4 compatibility will be a big deal for this one. I still wish we had a gameshell, well, shell, for this one so we could ditch the keyboard and have a smaller battery module profile for this one.

I really hope that the d-pad has been sorted out compared to the DevTerm. I’ve had real issues trying to play games with it due to how wobbly it is causing presses to not be registered correctly.

There are a lot of nice QoL updates compared to the DevTerm that I like with this, like the metal body and backlit keyboard.

Not sure about that keyboard layout though. I would really want those enter and backspace keys swapped.


Always tell myself I don’t need another gadget, but here I am pre-ordering the latest Clockwork Pi toy! Can’t wait to test the cellular!


Have been invested one minute after I got the mail. Always wished for a hybrid of GameShell and DevTerm. uConsole seems like it was built for me :smiley: Super stoked!


No kidding, dpad on devterm was effectively potato, although I am glad it played double duty as regular arrow keys

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Same, if implemented well , it might become a permanent field tool for me

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Just i question I ordered the CM4 version but without the core, if I want to can I add the Rockxhip module in this version too? like is the slot a multicore compatiable?

Gotta say - it looks impractical. Hard to use, fiddly to mess with, and a subset of the steam deck I already own.

And I want it SO BAD. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve seen in months. It ticks every retro-nostalgia-geek-fantasy-console checkbox. The aluminum with the hex screws. The good-sized display. The rubberized chiclet keys. Even the wire stand. This is the thing I wanted 40 years ago. The design aesthetic is top notch. As practical equipment, this is a non-starter, but as an object of tech lust, man - they’re on their game.

Now I gotta convince the wife (and myself) to let me drop 2 bills on a toy.

It’s a pre-order - do we have any hint of a ship date?

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It seems very neat and I’m actually quite interested in it, but can’t justify having yet another CM4/A06/Cortex A72 device. Would’ve preordered if there’s an available A75/A77/whatever core - yes, the performance/efficiency bump is that big.

Was an impulse buy for me. I have orderd without the core module.
Shipping was stated 60 Days but I think realistic next spring is expected, but maybe I will be suprised :slight_smile:
CM4 Modules also sold out currently, so I have anyhow to wait.

Can we play retro games and emulators on this thing?
Sorry if my question is silly but i was looking for a
sleek/metal/retro console that doesnt look like anything else and this look like it fits the bill.

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Oh my. I want this! I don’t program but I love the Sony 1980’s radio look. I could use this as a portable podcast player, world radio and stream the cricket when not playing a GBA game on it…. (Yes I’m trying to convince myself to order one).

I wonder how long the battery life is.

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I’m very interested in this - seems like a better version of the Pinephone+Keyboard case I carry everywhere
There’s no details on what modem this thing comes with though. The Quetcel EG-25G modem in the Pinephone has a well supported FOSS firmware. It would be awesome if this was the same modem!
The picture says “SIM7600G” though. It seems to run Linux too: https://docplayer.net/storage/98/137836717/1666751861/-Qru6pTaZTenP0gWsFGwiQ/137836717.pdf

It would be nice if the cell modem could be purchased later as an add-on card.

Also it seems like either the A04 or A06 boards are relatively well supported by mainline Linux, so that’s a treat. Given a bit more information about the cell modem and how one may interact with it, I might pick one of these up. It looks awesome! I’m a sucker for metal housings and 18650 cells!

Also it uses the same board as the devterm - what wifi chipset does that board use?

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Ordered the CM4 version. Very eager to see if there will be any updates on shipping times. It has probably already been asked, but does anyone know if this uses the same distro that the DevTerm uses?

You can, but it’s like getting a monster truck to go get groceries

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It’s almost a certainty. Same main board , same keyboard controller , all they need to do is bake in the driver for the new modem, and make another config for the different display, all of which will be baked into the standard devterm build

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Do it. Clockwork hardware has historically been always hard to come by after initial launch

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Strong no but prove me wrong