Gameshell 18650 battery mod

Hey everyone,

I’ve been recently modding my Gameshell, and thought I’d be nice to share with the community!

As I played again and again with my Gameshell, I grew tired of having to recharge it often through a long gaming session, so I decided to update the battery to one with a larger capacity. I chose 18650 batteries, for they are cheap, easy to find, and much reusable. I also enjoy the form-factor, making it looks like old-school Gameboy batteries :slight_smile:

So I printed a back plate and a 18650 holder, got some wires up and now I have a 3500mAh battery that’s easy to swap if needed.

I think I’ll try to print a better back (both in print quality and design) soon. 3D modeling is new for me and it’s definitely not an easy task.

I’d love to have some feedback and ideas to make this better! :smiley:


Well, even though that layer is messed up it has it charm, it even looks cool how it is!


at least it is wrapped where it counts. id normally be screaming for a rewrap but the top half is so clean i cant even be mad. the tops side is the dangerous part after all.

@lonewsk That looks really slick!

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