How have you improved your Gameshell hardware?

I thought I would share a couple of small improvements I’ve made to my Gameshell

External reset button
I described the process for this in a reply to a relevant thread but it’s quite a simple mod. A small amount of case modding needed but it doesn’t mess with the case too much!

Easier to access microSD slot
This is one of my biggest complaints about the Gameshell – the fact that you have to basically fully disassemble everything to get to the microSD card. I bought a small flat ribbon cable microSD extender to move the microSD to a more accessible location.

Well that’s about it for now.

What everybody else has been doing to theirs…


Love it. Once I get a rotary tool, I will probably be doing a lot of minor ease of use / quality of life mods like this. Definitely will be routing the SD card slot to somewhere accessible.

That microSD extension cable looks super useful. I’ve been tinkering around with the OS and had to constantly swap microSDs. Opening up the device every time is a real pain in the neck.
How long is that cable? 10cm? Can you access the the card through the GPIO output slot of the lego shell?

The only thing I did to improve the hardware was adding some flat lego tiles to the Back because the bumps made longer pay-sessions really uncomfortable.

How long is that cable? 10cm? Can you access the the card through the GPIO output slot of the lego shell?

Sorry yes, it’s 10cm. This is the exact item on Ebay: – a bit pricey, but the only option I found with a good sized male microSD end.

I’ve got the card positioned between the battery and mainboard, which would line up pretty perfectly with the GPIO hole in the LEGO back case.

i use this one
work fine, female connector is a bit big yet

Yeah I have a couple of those in my parts bin here, but found the male end stuck out too far to fit in the Gameshell case. Did you have to make any modifications to get yours to fit?

no not try to integrate it, just used it some month ago with the unit opened when i need to try the sd each five minutes ^^

Same here re: flat pieces. Also some curved pieces to make the light keys feel a little bit more secure, ie so you can really go to town playing street fighter etc games.

Truth be told though, I prefer it with the stock smooth back. I don’t use the light keys enough to justify having the extra bulk.

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if you loose any of the rubber plugs iv’e found if you cut a eraser to the size needed works.

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