GameShell Available at Amazon

“Good News Everyone!!!”

We are so excited to announce:

GameShell is NOW AVAILABLE at!


We encourage our existing users to help us write some reviews on Amazon.
Your feedback will be truly appreciated.
We could not have made it without all of your supports!
Thank you! :clap:

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I’ll be writing up an honest review shortly, but I have a question:
Why is it 3 different listings (1 for each color), rather than a single listing with color options?

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Thank you so much! @Cecilectomy You got me there, :thinking: maybe more exposure on search result listing? or chances to do some AB-testing? Not sure which way is better.

It’s our first time selling on Amazon, we honestly don’t have much experience, let’s just trying things out first. Any advice from our wonderful community is warmly welcome!

I was surprised that despite ordering through, it was actually fulfilled/shipped through Amazon. I was expecting it to come from overseas (I’m in the US), be in the mail for a couple weeks, etc. but it just showed up yesterday out of nowhere just under 2 weeks after ordering.

I haven’t assembled it yet, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the “white” face color. It’s actually an off-white almond color instead of plain white, which looks even better than I was expecting. I got this Gameshell with the intention of it primarily being a Pico-8 device after the disappointing keyboard on my PocketChip. I’m excited to put it together and seeing how it runs. The packaging and presentation is really nice.

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I’m so glad you are offering these on amazon now, I made my purchase today and it should be here by Monday.

I’m really hoping this system is great, I went and looked through many and this one looked like the most fun to tinker with.

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I got mine through Amazon now I’m here

Best handheld ever. I’m sure there’s a lot to be said about a pi zero and a retroflag gpi case… but there is no customization. No nothing.
You can make your own apps/write your own scripts. Create programs and games. Create a BT speaker out of modules… it’s seripusly a techy’s dream in the palm of your hand!