Any news about Gameshell getting back in stock?

I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting in this category…
As the title says, the Gameshell has been out of stock for a while now. I was eyeing one and I’m wondering, I don’t want to sound impatient, but is it going back in stock soon?
Also, is this shortage related to any upgrades you guys are planning? Is something new coming our way?

Anything? Anybody? Any info on this?

I am certain that it will be back on stock, but when…harder to say.
You can always go on Amazon if you want it sooner.
Correction: Out of stock on too…

I’m getting some money around the 20th, give or take a few days, and I was planning on getting the GS around that time. But now, with all this shortage, I’m thinking maybe something in there will get upgraded, I get the current version from who knows where and then I’m drooling over the updated part. Out of everything in the shop, the mainboard is the only part that is out of stock, so naturally I’m thinking that’s the one with a high chance of an improvement. I was hoping to get an insight into this, should I wait? Should I not wait?.. Decisions are hard.

Wait a bit then.
Christmas is coming they will be back in stock.

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The red one and yellow one are both still in stock on Amazon (US):

Try the official places listed in the FAQ section. I haven’t tried checking them all yet, but if anyone else does, and can report back, that would be fine and dandy! :slight_smile:

Clockwork GameShell FAQ

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You can still buy GameShells at Amazon, while our online store is now out of stock, probably till the end of October. Sorry about that.

End of October sounds just fine. Thanks for the info!
By the way, for anyone wondering the same as me, looks like the yellow one is back in stock. :slight_smile:

EDIT: by the time it gets back in stock, is it going to be the same current version with the 3.1 mainboard, or is it going to be upgraded in any way? I understand if you can’t comment on this, but I just had to ask. :smiley:

Its not for me to answer but I would be surprised…

FYI we have a couple new-in-box game shells which are leftover prize winnings from game jam #1. I believe we have a yellow and a white. Will sell to someone in the US lower 48 (sorry international people, dont want to deal with the paperwork to ship them outside). $140, shipping included.

Yeah, unfortunately, I’m in Romania. Amazon listings for the GS don’t get shipped to Romania either… But thanks for offering. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have updates on when we should expect these to be back in stock? I’m assuming they’ll be back for the holidays but hoping to narrow down a time window! Thanks.

We are already back on official website now, and will be back soon on