Gameshell Battery issue

I bought my gameshell a few years ago and it has been wonderful! Recently I have been having issues with the device shutting off randomly. The battery is never dead when this happens. Sometimes it won’t fully turn on after it dies. I usually have to un-plug the power cabel and reconnect it. I know the gameshell isnt overheating, this happened within 30 minutes of turning it on. Any ideas? Bad Battery?

Check the cables connection, they get flimsy at times.

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I have reconnected everything multiple times, it still happens :confused:

If it’s a few years old, the battery could very well be dead. I’ve had to replace mine on both of my units after about a year of use.

See if a new battery makes a difference. Even a cheapy locally bought Nokia knock off one, just to test. Then you can go out and splurge to get a “real” one.

Just because the old one reports 100% charged doesn’t mean it actually holds that much.


As javelinface said, a lithium based battery will degrade over time even without being used.

Also depending on how much you used your game shell, if you have used it a lot, this type of battery don’t necessarily have a long count of charge cycles, and it may have reach it’s end of life.

And as he said, try to find either a new genuine Nokia battery, or new one from a reputable source to check if it is your battery or something else.


I had the same issue. I ordered some replacement batteries on amazon and the issue was solved.

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