Charging Questions/Issues

After receiving my Gameshell I took it on a trip with me over in Europe and several issues arose that I need assistance with. The first being a Red Battery Icon when charging. While charging my unit it will swap between a charging icon and a red battery icon but seems to stay on the red battery icon more. What does this mean? Also, when charging, should the unit be turned off or on? It seems to charge just fine when its off but I can’t tell since I have been getting severely reduced battery life after charging and not sure if this is the cause.

The battery icon goes red when it is really low power.

Do you have another charge cable? Maybe your charging cable has a short it in.

I find charging when it’s off is easier on the CPU. An idle GS can get pretty hot. (I have not once experience any of the overheating issues I’ve read about. Did about 7 hours of straight SSH work yesterday no problems)

Try another cable and let us know!

The problem when chargin is mainly when its on a bed or something that doesnt dissipate heat enough.

I also think it could be the cable, let us know!

The LightKey helps a lot with charging/heat because of the resting angle. I just thought of that