Getting the lightkey module separately?

Hello everybody!

My GameShell arrived yesterday, and so far I am really enjoying it! It’s really cool and was fun to put together and get some cores running on RetroArch.

When I backed on KickStarter, I got the Super Early Bird tier without the lightkey, but now I am thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to have that module - specifically to have shoulder buttons to play many games. Do people know if it’s planned for the lightkey module + LEGO case to be available for purchase separately? If yes, when is it planned to be available?

I’m looking forward to using my GameShell a lot!



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Same here, wonder if after all the crowd funding is over, they can sell all parts separately… Each module as replacements or extra battery etc etc

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I hope they do that, I would also love to just get more cases for my GameShell too

After realizing how difficult it is to get some of the retroarch configs to work properly, i really need one of these, too.

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They’ll probably become available when they start selling the GS on their website. That’ll be after the second batch goes out, I assume, which is soon. You can go onto the clockwork website and a pop-up will show for you to register interest in a pre-order. You could complete this and then check at that point when it’s on sale.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the tip.