Selling 1 new gameshell (US)


Long story short I bought 2 gamehells 1 from indie gogo 1 from kickstarter. I am asking what I paid for it and you pay shipping.

Thanks gameshell!


How much and do you have light key


$123 USD Super Early Bird-GameShell Pro is what I paid, No light key with this one.


Cool thanks. I’m all set. <3


If that’s a deal breaker I could remove my lightkey and add it to this.


anyone? still have it available


Hi, You are welcome to sell you gameshell on the forum, and please follow the rules to sell on the forum:

Rules to sell gameshell on this forum:

  • Keep it transparent, so price has to be given beforehand, nothing done in PM apart from private details (payment/shipping address)

  • People have to tell on the topic that’s they are interested in buying

  • probably the first asking, first serve is the best selling approach.

  • price negotiation are tolerated but as for the rest must be done openly, NOT BY PM

  • it is the responsibility of the seller to keep the topic updated and to clearly says when the product has been sold


Is game shell still available? I will take it if you include the lightkey. How much is it for shipping? How do I pay you?


Interested as well would like the lightkey if possible


Status update. I am willing to part ways with my Lego back and light key. 145 with lightkey + you pay shipping. Sorry for the long delay.