How about some Quake!

Quake on the Gameshell? Hell yea!
Turns out, it works great, and is entirely play-able! This is a screenshot taken directly on my Console:

The following assumes you own the original game, on CD, as we’ll be using the pak files from it

First thing’s first; make sure you’ve got ssh access to your console, and get logged in.

  1. Install the game engine:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install quakespasm
  1. Create the game data directories:
cd ~/ && mkdir -p /home/cpi/games/QUAKE/Quake1/id1
  1. Copy the pak0.pak and pak1.pak files, from your CD, to the directory you just created above (this is for consistency, to keep all your game files in the same location). It should look like this:
cpi@clockworkpi:~/games/QUAKE/Quake1/id1$ ls -hl
total 51M
-rwxr--r-- 1 cpi cpi  18M Oct  1  1996 pak0.pak
-rwxr--r-- 1 cpi cpi  33M Jul 12  1996 pak1.pak
  1. Create the script used to execute the game:
echo "/usr/games/quakespasm -width 320 -height 240 -basedir /home/cpi/.quakespasm/" > /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/ && chmod 755 /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/
  1. Create Quakespasm’s working directory:
mkdir -p ~/.quakespasm/
  1. Link the id1 directory (containing the pak files, from above) to the quakespasm directory we just created. (I know this seems silly, but quakespasm is very particular about where the pak files are stored)
cd ~/.quakespasm/ && ln -s /home/cpi/games/QUAKE/Quake1/id1 .

When done correctly, it should look like this:

cpi@clockworkpi:~/.quakespasm$ ls -hl
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 cpi cpi 32 Aug  3 13:15 id1 -> /home/cpi/games/QUAKE/Quake1/id1

cpi@clockworkpi:~/.quakespasm$ ls -hl id1/
total 51M
-rwxr--r-- 1 cpi cpi  18M Oct  1  1996 pak0.pak
-rwxr--r-- 1 cpi cpi  33M Jul 12  1996 pak1.pak
  1. Reboot!
  2. Launch the Quake icon from the Launcher.
  3. Configure inputs for the game, this can be done with the D-Pad, and the start [enter] button. Once the game menu opens, choose Options -> Controls. Work your way through all the controls, using the D-Pad to navigate, and start as [enter]. You should be able to map Jump, Attack, Toggle Weapons & Movement, from this menu. Also, by default Menu maps to [esc], so use that to get back, out of a menu.
  4. Start a new game, and kick some a**!


  • Sound is a little choppy, but completely play-able.
  • While the game is running, it will use massive amounts of CPU, so keep an eye on the heat level of your console, and expect your battery life to be impacted. While playing, I recorded +300% CPU usage (using multiple cores). This may be fixed with GL/SDL drivers in the future.
  • I’ve only tested Quake & Quake II pak files, other releases, or mods may work as well.

If anyone gets stuck, runs into issues, or whatever… Please review the above instructions and make sure everything is in the right location, and matches above. For instance, if id1 or pak0.pak are not lower-case, the game won’t run, foobar, I know!

Then post your questions here, and I’ll do my best to answer them!



@xstrex Need a Quake icon?



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For a moment I though it was an ARM version with software rendering of Q1 but no just using the GL emulation :frowning:

(and moved to game as it is about a game)


Works like a charm! Thanks so much!

My Quake II has three pak files:

  • pak0.pak
  • pak1.pak
  • pak2.pak

But I get the error:
QUAKE ERROR: /home/cpi/.quakespasm/id1/pak0.pak has 3307 files

How did you manage running Quake 2 with Quakespasm?

Hi @xstrex - I tried this with Quake2, but to no avail…

Would you be able to do a write up on how to install Quake2 alongside Quake1l? I’d rather not replace Quake1, since I’m kind of playing it right now, ha! :wink:

I think he is mistaken when he says it works with Quake 2, the documentation for quakespasm only references the original Quake from what I can see.

In the topic Running Quake 2 /3? @xstrex also mentions he got Quake 2 working.

He has been hiding ever since. :wink:

Wow, thanks everyone for pointing out that quakespasm only supports quake 1, and not quake 2. My mistake. Thanks @Oet for pointing this out; really constructive!

So instead of telling me what I did wrong, why don’t we figure out how to get quake 2 working?
Here’s where I would start:

Thanks for ruling out Quakespasm for Quake II.

My best bet is Yamagi Quake for Quake II, but I haven’t got it working yet.

Okay, challenge accepted. It took me 2 hours to figure it out. :wink:

@xstrex @Gerst @bigeasy_uk

Let’s leave instructions for Quake (using Quakespasm) here in How about some Quake!.
For Quake II (using Yamagi) go to the topic Running Quake 2 / 3?.


Nice job man!
Yea, that would be great! At least some general instructions would be helpful.

Yeah, I’d love you to write up some instructions. Great job on getting it up and running! :smile:

Done :metal:. Maybe @Nielsvd can drop some icons in the other topic Running Quake 2 / 3?. After that I can update the instructions.


Also posted in the Quake 2/3 topic, made a greyscale icon for Quake and Quake 2

Hopefully they suit your GS menu :slight_smile:

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thanks for mentioning the sensitivity to caps in the pak filenames. that was driving me crazy for a few minutes until i figured it out.