How do i download games?

Im not sure how to download games, i use windows where should i start?


Depends on what you mean by “download games”.

Copying some files on the GameShell?
Or something else?

I recommend that you google a term called ROMS.

We, of course, don’t condone illegally downloading roms.

…but that is between you, your government, internet provider and probably Nintendo.

That is not nintendo specific, not at all. That is for all copyrighted material (including TV show, music, etc…)

Most people seemed interested in Gameboy, Nes, and Snes games. Personally? Sega should have a serious beef with me…

“and probably Nintendo” meant “your probably pirating a Nintendo game”

To be honest, that is really region dependent.

As far as I know in the UK, Sega was selling better than Nintendo in the 8bit/16bit era.

To be honest, I think it also depends on what your friend got for christmas back in the day, they got a Master System; you will probably end with one too, they had a NES you will probably end with one.

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I think I need to move to the UK…

But yeah, you are absolutely right.

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yes i know about roms…how do i actually download them to the gameshell

Use something like WinSCP to connect to the GameShell over a wireless network (username: cpi, password: cpi), then navigate to /home/cpi/game and drop your files in the folder named after whatever system you are using.

If you are using retroarch, you can really put them anywhere as long as you know how to navigate to them.

ive tried all that it still isnt working :frowning: the games arent showing up on the gameshell at all

What system are you using?
If you are using “Mame” or “Nes” under “Retro Games” in the launcher, they only take .zip files.
If you are using “MGBA”, you need to use .gba or .gbx

If you are using retroarch, go to “Load Content > Settings” then attempt messing with those settings.
“Filter by core” or “Filter by Unknown Extensions” might be hiding your files.

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i’ll continue messing around with it, also why is there no “back” button in retroarch?

Go to Settings > Input
Then enable “Unified Menu Controls”