How to install roms (the easy way)


If your like me and your bad at the ssh and all of that stuff, but you want to play some game on the pre-existing emulators via the retro games tab, then your in luck! Welcome to the how to install roms. (the easy way.)

  1. Download Filezilla, this is a way to remotely access your gameshell or raspberry pi’s files.
    (Download it at don’t worry no viruses here)

  2. Connect to your gameshell, type the ip into the ip section and the user and password (if you haven’t already changed them) are both cpi the port is 22. (To get your gameshell ip open tinycloud.)

  3. Once it connects, you should see a folder called games, click on it then click on menu, then gameshell then 20_retroganes (something like that) and you will be greeted with three folders, Mame Mgba and Nestopia (I can’t get Mame working so good luck with that.)

  4. Select the emulator of choice then from the roms in, Nestopia uses .zip files with the rom inside and Mgba just uses the rom by itself, no folders.

  5. Once you have uploaded your roms go on your gameshell, select retro games and then the emulator, and if there are no roms press the scan button and your roms should appear.

Enjoy!! :grinning:

(If the roms don’t show up tell me in the replies section and i will see what I can do)

I hope this guide helped the people like me who can’t use ssh very well and want to actually enjoy their gameshell instead of tossing it aside because they can’t get any roms on it.



Sounds like you have SSH down pretty good.

If you download PuTTy (Windows) it’s a good command prompt to input commands. So you can just copy and paste most of the code found on this forum into that. Adding additional emulators/applications is as easy as copy/paste/enter in PuTTy

None of this was ssh it was all just using the Filezilla client on Windows which kind of works like file manager for external devices, putty would work but I find this better.

I like WinSCP which is similar to filezilla


My roms for snes does not work … What could be the problem?

Make sure it’s the right room file type

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I am struggling to get my PS1 roms working in PCSX. I’ve managed to get them on the GS, but they do not appear in the directory I have created.

Any help would be appreciated!

Which format (file extension) are they?

They are RAR files, which I’m guessing are the wrong kind?

I guessed that could be a possibility, .zip and .rar are compressed files, the roms need to be unzipped. There are emulators though like the nes one that accepts zips. But for sure there is no emulator that could load .rar, just uncompress them and thats it, they should appear in pcsx

Well that’s embarrassing! Thanks for the info. Software isn’t my strong suit.

Ok, so I overcame that issue. They are showing up just fine now (as .bin files), but they are in a constant state of “booting up…” with no apparent end in sight. What am I doing wrong now?

Do you have the psx bios?

I actually managed to fix it with a rerun of the upload. Not sure what went wrong the first time, but it’s working now!

Thanks for your help!