How do I get games to gameshell by phone

I really want to get games on my gameshell and I have a server with it on ES file explorer but whenever I try to open it, it just thinks I want to edit it so my question is;

how do I add games to my gameshell through ES file explorer

As a complete side note, I’d be careful using es file explorer for transferring illegal Roms, given the parent company is known for click fraud. Who knows? They could be selling information gathered on your phone to whoever pays them. My first point of action would be to get a better SSH client.

Back on topic. Have you got if set up properly to communicate via SSH and not FTP? Or rather have you ever been able to log into your game shell go view the files. What do you see when it asks you to edit it? Are you referring to it asking for a username and/or password? Can you SSH to it via a computer?

Just trying to find out what you’ve tried, and where you’re at.

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I quite like it can be considered less user friendly but is very powerful image

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I’m guessing Android, if so just use Turbo client (uses SFTP) it’s how I transfer games over it’s super easy to use and upload from the phone.