How to add icons on the homescreen that link to emulators?

WOW! Congrats dude! Could you share how to make it, please? :smiley:

@Serj_Targarien He made some custom icons for the emulators.

My menu looks like this now DSC01173

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to do it

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video with menu structure and start of Galaga with just one click


Cool ! Great job ! Looking forward to the how to… currently struggling and thinking i am making a stupid mental mistake

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Thank you VERY MUCH! I think can I help the community making some funky icons for the people <3 <3 <3

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Here it i…can’t sleep because of the heat :slight_smile:

Make a new file in:


and name that eg.:

then edit that file and put this command line in:
retroarch -L /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/cores/ /home/cpi/games/MAME/

In my example I use the: core to play GALAGA…
GALAGA is located in the folder:


Hope this explanes the commandline so everybody can use it with there own favorite games

make an icon for the launch menu and place that in :


Name it (in my example given) Galaga.png

Hope it works for everybody…


We’ve added a #design channel to the GameShell Discord Server. Everyone who is designing new icons is welcome to join the conversation there. ^^ Here’s an invite to the channel if anyone is interested.

It would be cool if Clockwork could make a wiki so a topic like this could turn into a proper guide so other users can learn how to add these themselves.


@DisruptItYourself You´re right, I think this part is totally necesary!

I make my first shortcut and icon for the menu and its works thanks to @Sammie <3

YES! Wiki, it’s a good idea, do you like github’s wiki?

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Yes @hal I do! Might as well keep it all in one place. That way they can be connected to files and pull requests, etc.

@Sammie would you like to take a wack at it? You pretty much already wrote it and others can add to it. It would be a good starting point. I can then test it and make sure your instructions work and maybe add some images or something.

More icons! Can I put anywhere if someone wants to set up in his system!



Ive already started digging into how we can do the same things for folders and it looks pretty easy. Thanks to @Sammie for writing the wiki post. It’s too bad the wiki pages are on a repository level and can’t be accessed from the Project. That means more digging for people unfamiliar with GitHub.

But anyway… it seems all we need to do is

  1. add a folder to launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/ example SNES
  2. in that folder create a file called action.config
  3. in that file it should contain:

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L
TITLE=[Title to display by Launcher]

  1. Then place your thumbnail in launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/

We have the discord of the community and there is a design channel if you want :slight_smile:

Oh gawd thank you, this is what we need! (if we make this, the folders can appear like a circle icon but once inside we can make square icons for each game :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you please, put a real example code of one folder dedicated to snes emulator from retroarch (with 3 roms inside of this folder) to see more clearly for my side? (sorry for my ignorance)


Check it out!!

(file upload limits are crazy, sorry)


I have done this, but it keeps asking me download cores again and again.

Can you show me your command line AND your exact location of the core you’re directing too?


Could you please put the original lines for SNES folder? No matter if you folder structure are different from us! But I want to see what Im doing wrong hahahahaha

Thank you man!