New owner questions

Hey everyone,

Received my Gameshell (UK) today and it’s fantastic. Just had a few questions regarding customisation.

I managed to change the icons on some apps with ease. Is it possible to change the order in which apps appear on the launcher?

If you use retroarch can you make an icon for specific emulators within it and put them as shortcuts on the launcher?

And final question (for now :/) why is there two launchers? I have the option to boot to launchergo in settings which appears almost identical with some things missing.

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!

To change the order of the icons, just change the numbers their name starts with. Lower numbers go left of higher numbers in the menu.


To find out how to change icons and add new ones, there are threads here in the forum that will tell you how to do it:

And finally, the launchergo is a newer version of the launcher which is still in development and will likely replace the default launcher somewhen in the future.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it. So I guess you can put any number before the name? (As long as it is in order from lowest to highest?)

I had no idea a new launcher was being worked on, sounds promising.

Glad I could help!
I’m not sure if there is any number range limit, it should be fine up to 99 since that’s already there with the power off menu item. If you have more than 99 items you should probably think about subfolders anyway… :smiley: