How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)

I figured it out! I’m an idiot. lol Somehow the .zip in the name of the ROM_SO setting was there when it should not be! All is well!

Okay. :joy:

Sorry for the late answer, my smartphone has refused to let me post an answer here.

Updated guide.

Now I’ve got a problem: Genesis Plus GX does a pretty bad job in my case, but picodrive (often recommended) crashes all the time after the loading screen. Can somebody help out?

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Thanks for the tutorial.

Just fyi… I was able to do all of this using YummyFTP Pro, no need for typing everything through SSH (even could create and edit the action.config files and enter the hidden directories).


Thanks for your feedback!

There are several ways to do that… SSH has a big pro: It runs on every computer without installing any software. So it’s hassle free – and: If you hit the wrong button in hidden directories, you have to re-setup your GameShell.

But although, I will work out a tut section for ftp lovers. :smiley:


Yeah I did it all on my smartphone with an app called Turbo Client.

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Been using emulators for almost 20 years but setting up RetoArch (never used RetroArch before believe it or not) on this little machine has me stumped.

Followed the tutorial, can get into my ROMs list via the main menu (trying to use FBA NeoGeo) and when I try to start the selected ROM, the message “Do you want to set up this games engine automatically?” appears every time, with the game not starting.

Not sure what I am doing wrong! Any advice?

Does it say something about wifi not set? maybe turn it on or maybe the urls are not set @fr500 will know better

Nothing about WiFi. My WiFi is working properly, as confirmed by the fact I used Terminal on my Mac to set it all up.

Not really sure what’s up.


please check your action.config, seems you’ve misspelled something.

Also, navigate to on your computer and make sure the core you are linking to is actually in the directory. You can also download it on your computer and upload the core to the folder yourself.

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i did everything like in the tutorial. GameBoy Games works very good.
But SNES don´t work. I only get a black Screen.
Anybody had the same issue?

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could you please provide your action.config and the created folder name as screenshot.

Also: Which rom types do you use?

Could you take a vid showing all the steps you took to get the GB to work? Thanks


At what point does it stuck?

Did you spell ‘Gambatte’ right. Wondered myself why it isn’t working, until i figured out, i misspelled it (Gamebatte).

Also: Which ROMs did you try to run? And could you provide your action.config if it doesn’t help? Please also provide the ROM folder name.



The ui just doesnt show like the other emulators.


and the action.config is ok image

Two things that could help:

  • Did you restart your GameShell? (Also, loading another emulator and hit ‘menu’) helps. (I know, that tip is obvious).
  • Did you check the spelling of your ROM folder? It should also be in uppercase like in your action.config.

For myself, everything looks totally right – maybe someone else has an idea if I can’t help.

Yes, ive done everything. It just doesn´t work for some reason.

Its the folder that came by default on the OS, and since the first day its like this.image

update launcher?

I’ve tested your action.config
it works here

1975202950 495687707 1956162229

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

It has the latest version