How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)

that’s really strange

have no idea how it became

what’s the short hash of current launcher you have ?

Got everything done and its all good. But how do i add roms? I added the roms to the SNES file ibut when i open the SNES file on my GameShell there’s nothing.

You have to reload the launcher to see the roms. Sometimes it helps, to switch to the favorite folder (right direction) and then back to all roms.

Or, if that doesn’t work, start a new game (from another emulator). If you get back to the launcher, it has reloaded.

Also rebooting does that, but lasts longer than the other both options.

If they’re not showing up after that, check the file types in your action.config and the folder which you access over TinyCloud (names should match).

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did all that but nothing

I got the script action.config wrong. Ill try to find the right script. Thanks

does this look right? thanks

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Thank you! BEST GUIDE!!!

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cant seem to find the mupen64 -libretro core

Anyone have some rims run too fast?
Dr. Mario for NES runs crazy fast

Thanks for this guide, @nouty . A superb amount of effort has gone into this, and this linux newbie (me) has been able to set up plenty of emulators with your advice and a bit of patience.

a question for all in the topic: is there an Neo Geo Pocket Colour core available? I can only find the original monochrome core currently.

edit: Its alright, I figured it out. I put zipped files in the ROM folder, and they weren’t recognised, but unzipped them and they appeared in the game list and could be played.


I’m having issues with picodrive too

Apparently picodrive is currently inoperable on CPI. Genesis plus GX works, but not particularly well, least not for mega drive. It runs master system ROMs just fine. I completed Dead Angle on it just last night.

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I think this will fix the fast NES issue, it did for me.

Run a nes game, and then open the retroarch menu. Select Quick Menu, then Options. Find Favored System and change that to PAL. Go to the front menu and restart. The game should run at a more pleasing, slower speed.

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Fixed it! You rock man thanks!!

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Is there any chance you could make a video of this? I’m struggling in a big way with this Gameshell and am starting to regret buying it :frowning: I’m wading through all these threads and becoming more and more confused.

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Hey what emulator works for Turbo Grafx… I see you have a folder names TG16…

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Beetle PCE Fast - it will play any/all turbo grafx/pc-engine games, including CD based roms.

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@Metalcory Im having trouble getting the icons to work. Im very new to this sort of thing, but was able to install multiple emulators and and roms with some considerable effort. Now my goal is to install icons for each of the emulators. I guess my question is where to put the png files of the icons when I connect to my Gameshell so that i can follow the steps in the terminal and assign them a location. Thanks in advance.


hi… when i type the code to the retro games 20 thing at the beginning, it says “-bash: cd: too many arguments”… please help

The error message means that the program expects 1 argument but it finds 2. program is cd

cd /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/

My guess is that the space from 20_Retro Games messes it up (Which shouldnt because of the escape character \ )

Check if you didn´t miss the \ on 20_Retro\ Games or try

cd ‘/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/’

I didnt have my cpi at hand and used the path from repo cd /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/
the correct one is:
/home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/
Also the second method i mentioned is with single quotes instead of double quotes:
cd '/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/'