How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)



that’s really strange

have no idea how it became

what’s the short hash of current launcher you have ?


Got everything done and its all good. But how do i add roms? I added the roms to the SNES file ibut when i open the SNES file on my GameShell there’s nothing.


You have to reload the launcher to see the roms. Sometimes it helps, to switch to the favorite folder (right direction) and then back to all roms.

Or, if that doesn’t work, start a new game (from another emulator). If you get back to the launcher, it has reloaded.

Also rebooting does that, but lasts longer than the other both options.

If they’re not showing up after that, check the file types in your action.config and the folder which you access over TinyCloud (names should match).


did all that but nothing


I got the script action.config wrong. Ill try to find the right script. Thanks


does this look right? thanks

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L


Thank you! BEST GUIDE!!!


cant seem to find the mupen64 -libretro core


Anyone have some rims run too fast?
Dr. Mario for NES runs crazy fast