How to install other distros on DevTerm CM4?

Hi, I want to use other distros such as Manjaro or Archlinux on my DevTerm, but no matter what I do, it won’t boot. Why is this happening? I’m using BalenaEtcher and the necessary ARM versions of each OS.

I’ve read that in order to install Arch-ARM you need to do some special steps - creating the partitions yourself. I’ve yet to do that but that isn’t necessary for Manjaro and it still doesn’t work.

Because I’m using a CM4, I think the problem is with the CM4 itself and whatever it needs in order to boot the images? What do you think? What did you do to boot other distros successfully?

Thanks in advance

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The CM4 works for Raspberry Pi images based, and Raspberry Pi has special boot sequence in order to boot it correctly with the special u-boot for it. You could do it with ArchLinux or Manjaro but you will have to do some modification or try to find if they have their own Raspberry Pi image already, either way you will have to create the image by yourself based on this documentation Create DevTerm CM4 OS image from scratch · clockworkpi/DevTerm Wiki · GitHub

I hope it helps, happy hacking!

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This is the spirit of the FOSS community. We like to break things, fix them, change them, and then share them with the rest of the community. I just love it so darn much!